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Garfield Project

Van Buren's Garfield


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Update:  The Van Buren's Garfield Statue was unveiled at the 2006 Popcorn Festival.  The dedication ceremony was August 10, 2006 at 6:15 at the Van Buren Library just prior to the start of the 2006 Popcorn Festival Parade.


Jim Davis, A Grant County native, creator of "Garfield, the Movie" and the cartoon strip "Garfield", has given Grant County a very unique opportunity.  He has granted the county the opportunity to place statues of Garfield in each of the nine communities in Grant County.  Each statue will be approximately five feet tall, made of high-density fiberglass, and each will have a personality that represents that community.  They will be placed in a high-visibility location, and they will be secure, and easily accessible.  Each statue will be user-friendly and provide photo opportunities.


The idea is to provide an educational opportunity for children, encouraging them to read and use their creative skills.  It is also intended to enhance tourism, diversify the economy, and create community pride.


A steering committee, with one representative from each community, will raise the money from private donations.  No local tax dollars will be used.  The project will be promoted by a statue of Garfield, located in the area of I-69 and Hwy 35, holding a banner reading "Welcome to Grant County".


Wining poster that inspired the final design
for the Van Buren Garfield.







"A Citizen Project Working To Improve Grant County"



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